Landslides in Indonesia leave 11 dead and many more missing

At least 11 people were killed, including a six-year-old boy, and scores more were missing after deadly landslides hit Indonesia’s West Java province, authorities said on Sunday.

Torrential rains triggered the disaster on Saturday evening in the town of Sumedang, where a second landslide buried residents and a rescue team that had been searching for the initial victims, said Bandung rescue agency spokeswoman Seni Wulandari.

“We’re still documenting how many are missing after the second landslide because there were many people who joined the original rescue effort,” she said.

At least one survivor was seriously injured, while 11 people were confirmed dead, Wulandari said.

The rain stopped on Saturday night. A bridge and roads were blocked by the landslides as authorities struggled to bring in heavy equipment to clear the debris.

Seasonal rains and high tide in recent days have caused dozens of landslides and widespread flooding across much of Indonesia, a chain of 17,000 islands where millions of people live in mountainous areas or near fertile flood plains close to rivers.

Source: Landslides in Indonesia leave 11 dead and many more missing

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