What Exactly Makes The Lion The King of The Jungle


There are a lot of reasons why the Lion is considered the king of the jungle even though it does not live in the jungle. They are found in Africa and India. They prefer savanna regions where they can haunt other animals such as buffalos, zebras, warthogs, crocodiles etc

Before I highlight few reasons to address this question, it is worth knowing that the Lion is not the strongest of all animals, neither is it the largest of all animals. It is not even the wisest or the most beautiful. The following video proves that sometimes, the jungle is not always safe for the king of the jungle

So, the question then is, why is it considered the king of the jungle?

First, is the boldness. Situations that would send fear into the marrows of other animals does not seem to shake the smallest hair of the lion. I will give you a clear example. The elephant is the largest land animal and mostly considered to be the only land animal without a predator, but lions don’t give a hoot, when they are hungry, your size or strength does not matter. A pride of lions sometimes can kill an elephant while most other animals would prefer to die of hunger than attack an elephant.

Another point is that lions have the ability to intimidate other animals. Even animals that could successfully kill the lion if they tried, would scamper at the slightest intimidation from the Lion. Another interesting example to buttress this point is the fact that any professional trainer of the big cats would admit that when feeding a tiger and a lion, both locked in the same cage or enclosure, the Lion would always intimidate the tiger for a chance to eat first. Eventhough tigers could pose serious danger to lions, but the Lion would always put a tiger in its rightful place when it is feeding time. This intimidation ability coupled with the bravery talked above are strong survival traits of lions

Also, lions are skilled hunters, in my opinion, lions are the most skilled at hunting. They know when to attack, they know when to play weak only to surge forward with ferocious and power-filled strikes. If you saw the video above, you would notice how the Lion was pretending to be dead, only to surreptitiously leap on the buffalo. Also in the same video, You would notice an athletic move from the Lion in a bid to bring down a zebra. That move should go down in the Guinness Book of Records for Lions.

Also, lions are not solitary hunters. They like to hunt in groups. This gives them a huge advantage to ward off possible attacks from other animals.

Another factor is their beautiful mane, when a male lion launches an attack, the mane keeps tossing in a scary fashion sending fear to the prey. This mane also gives them high protection against any suffocation attempt by a prey or predator.

Lions are wise enough to know when to avoid a confrontation that could bring insult to the pride. They would just ignore any prey that could pose serious danger. For example, lions don’t always attack when they notice that their prey are moving in a group. Lions would ignore a group of buffalo, elephants, etc

Lions behave like kings, they protect the pride. Female lions do most of the haunting while male lions guard their territory against intruders. These intruders could be other lions from another territories or other animals. When haunting becomes tough for the female lions, the male lions usually render help. They attack any other animal that comes near their kill.

Lastly, hyenas are notorious for their stubbornness. They annoy lions a lot because they both haunt the same prey. They are the number one enemies of lions, and it is accepted for them to have enemies because even human kings do also, but hyenas sure do know when not to trespass

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