UFC Fans Had A Field Day With The Photo Of Conor McGregor Knocked Out Against The Cage


Conor McGregor was a healthy favorite in his return to the Octagon after a year’s absence on Saturday night, as he faced Dustin Poirier for the second time in his career, having scored a knockout in their first fight. However, the fight world has a funny way of humbling folks, particularly those past their prime, and it certainly seems like McGregor has reached that threshold in his career.

The former pound-for-pound king got demolished in the second round, with Poirier lighting him up with a flurry of punches that turned out the lights on McGregor in an absolute stunner.


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— UFC (@ufc) January 24, 2021

It was one of those nights where Twitter was at its finest, as nothing brings people together better than seeing someone who talks a lot of sh*t get knocked out, and the jokes were just tremendous. It also helps when there’s a perfect shot of the person in question out cold, and McGregor became an instant meme because of it.

— Austin (@ChefTrillie) January 24, 2021

There were lots of crossovers of the McGregor sleeping meme and Bernie Sanders at the inauguration from this week, but one stood above the rest, and everyone else delighted in watching McGregor get folded like a chair and then slumped by the cage.


— Hurt CoPain (@SaeedDiCaprio) January 24, 2021

Is this how memes work I’m confused

— Brandon Warne (@Brandon_Warne) January 24, 2021

— Bill Hanstock (@sundownmotel) January 24, 2021

Conor McGregor be like

— Joe Polito (@JoePo89) January 24, 2021


— FOST (@GeorgeFoster72) January 24, 2021

It has begun…

— Rusty Redenbacher (@rustymk2) January 24, 2021

You had about a million different variations of jokes about “what I look like after [insert thing that makes you fall asleep]” and truly they were all a joy.

Me faking sleep after mom my comes in my room at 1 am

— AMP Davisss⚡ (@imdavisss) January 24, 2021

i did half a xan, 13 hours til i land

— justin block* (@JBlock49) January 24, 2021

Netflix: Are you still watchi-


— The Big Chillin' (@Kofie) January 24, 2021

me after hitting snooze for the 3rd time

— Tony X (@soIoucity) January 24, 2021

having your first beer after dry January

— Kenny Ducey (@KennyDucey) January 24, 2021

when you accidentally grab a double IPA

— nick pants (@stnap_kcin) January 24, 2021

Me after I take 4 melatonins and 2 Tylenol PMs tonight

— Dylan (@dyllyp) January 24, 2021

*takes one Benadryl*

— Chris Herring (@Herring_NBA) January 24, 2021

when the blanket is weighted

— Mike Golic Jr (@mikegolicjr) January 24, 2021

“I’m gonna get dressed just let me lay down for 5 minutes.”


— J (@2ndCaptainFly) January 24, 2021

Source: UFC Fans Had A Field Day With The Photo Of Conor McGregor Knocked Out Against The Cage

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