Why I seek to make money in my sleep & how I’m doing it?

Life is so much more than being stuck at you desk in front of your screen. It might sound weird coming from me, but it really is!

These days, I work around 30-35hours/week. With running 2 businesses I think that’s pretty decent.

I spend the rest of my time with my son. Once he’s off to sleep (which is around 8-9pm) – I read, educate myself, and still mostly focus on the topics that are related to my business. However, these after-work activities come by CHOICE.

You see I truly adore what I do, so reading books on marketing, business and self-growth is my pleasure. I feel like my aim here is to turn those 30 hours into 15 hours or even less, so I can spend even more time learning new things and later adapting them onto my business.

I believe that entrepreneurship comes with endless learning which I think is a greatest gift. However, that wouldn’t be possible if my days would consist of working 10 hours a day answering e-mails & doing client work. I know 100% that after days like this I would feel exhausted and unable to grab a book.

Here’s why a few years back I’ve made a commitment to work on making the majority of my income passively. I decided I want to make money in my sleep and focus on living my life. I want to be present in my child’s life & give enough time to myself to learn, grow and explore.

Here’s how my journey has started:

I raised pricing for my custom projects & now only take a few clients A YEAR.I’ve improved my product descriptions, so customers can handle them easily after the downloads.I’ve shifted my focus to selling WordPress themes which allows me to serve thousands of creators with minimal interaction.I hired a developer, a VA, a graphic designer to work with me on my products + content creation.I’ve created a downloadable digital product (aka my planner bundle) which has now been downloaded by hundreds of customers. It is so easy to use that there was no need for me to work on customer service thus far.I’m planning to launch 5 more digital products for my blog this year and 3 new themes.I’ve changed my mindset – I no longer think I’m the only one that can do things right. I respect my team & allow them to grow my brand for me.I use affiliate links where possible, so I get commissioned if someone buys through my link.I’ve expanded my presence and uploaded my products onto external marketplaces such as Creative Market, Etsy, etc.I say NO to opportunities that take too much of my time.

Hope this gives you a better idea on how making money in your sleep works! Work less, live more – that’s my motto for 2021!

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