15 Celebrity Reactions To The Senate Vote On Trump's Second Impeachment

Here’s How Celebs Reacted To Trump Being Acquitted

“Is McConnell now trying to convince the historians he has no soul?”

Today, Republican Senators voted to acquit Donald Trump for the deadly Capitol attack earlier this year.

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Of course, the internet had many opinions — here are just some of the celeb reactions:


Alyssa Milano:

It is a sad day in America when only 7 republicans have the patriotism and integrity to convict a tyrant.

Since the senate won’t do its job and convict the traitor Donald Trump, the courts will have to.

08:51 PM – 13 Feb 2021

Twitter: @Alyssa_Milano


Andy Richter:

One thing every Senator agrees on is that the events of Jan 6th were a very bad thing, shameful & criminal. So how does that make the people who did it feel? The ppl who paid to travel there, the ones who thought they were “patriots”?

09:11 PM – 13 Feb 2021

Twitter: @AndyRichter


Yvette Nicole Brown:

So to recap: If #DonaldTrump is not in prison by 2024 he can run for office again.

The Senate voting to acquit him AFTER he incited a white supremacist riot where people died just let’s everyone know that corrupt Presidents ARE indeed above the law.


08:58 PM – 13 Feb 2021

Twitter: @YNB


Josh Gad:

You know what? Trump was right. He could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot someone without any consequences.

06:40 PM – 13 Feb 2021

Twitter: @joshgad

You can read more about Trump’s second impeachment here.

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