The Americans Have Stolen Tim Tams From Australians — Proving Nothing Is Sacred Anymore

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The USA Has Stolen Tim Tams From Australia And I Am Personally Offended

This is an outright crime against Australians.

As a proud and passionate Australian, I can tell you that few biscuits arouse the same sense of patriotism as a hallowed Tim Tam.

Isha Bassi / BuzzFeed

A creamy filling, sandwiched between two crunchy biccies and coated in chocolate? Siri, play “Waltzing Matilda”.

So, you can imagine my distress when my dear, Los Angeles-based uncle innocently sent through a photo of an “Aussie-style” biscuit that appeared on the shelves of Trader Joe’s.

That’s right, my fellow patriots, your eyes are not deceiving you. The downright dirty, American thieves have gone and created their very own version of our beloved Tim Tam biccie.

Julia Willing / BuzzFeed

Props and styling courtesy of my uncle — I cannot confirm whether the American flag comes free with every biscuit purchase. But, you know, it’s not unlikely.

And I’m not the only one who’s cottoned on to this duplicity.

@about_KAS this is the Trader Joe’s knockoff of the Tim Tam. Although it’s good, I would still give the Tim Tam the slight edge because I feel their chocolate tastes better. This is more of a milk chocolate & you already know the American chocolate quality is pretty inferior🤪

02:46 AM – 12 Feb 2021

Twitter: @Teresa7277

Stacked view (Tim Tams on top level) – Taste test: Tim Tam is less sweet, so you don’t feel as bad if you eat the same amount, also smoother chocolate, US chocolate continues to (mostly) disappoint. Winner: classic Tim Tam (but I wouldn’t turn down the Trader Joe’s effort).

04:54 AM – 27 Jan 2021

Twitter: @kevinlew

If that wasn’t enough, Trader Joe’s have added further insult to injury by mocking our precious Vegemite on the bloody box!

BuzzFeed / Julia Willing

Yes, it’s brown and yeasty and vegetable-derived — but it’s delicious. Christ, let us live!

So, just watch your back, USA. We’ll be coming for your precious Milk Duds and Reese’s Pieces and Hershey’s bars next.

Source: The Americans Have Stolen Tim Tams From Australians — Proving Nothing Is Sacred Anymore

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