Al- Qaeda Leader Appears In A Video To Mark 9/11 Attack After Many Believed He Had Died.

Al- Qaeda Leader Appears In A Video To Mark 9/11 Attack  After Many Believed He Had Died.

Ayman al Zawahiri: Image Source

Ayman al Zawahiri, The man who succeeded Osama bin Laden after his reported death by the US government, was seen in a video released on the anniversary of the 9/11 attack after many had believed he was already dead on account of rumors.


In the video, he spoke for about an hour, and applauded attacks perpetrated by Al Qaeda, including the recent assault on Russian troops in Syria, this was according to SITE Intelligence Group, an organization that monitors terrorist websites

Further observations from the group point to the fact that his statements in the footage could  trigger speculations that he possibly was alive until January as per the key references  Ayman al Zawahiri made

The director of the group, Rita Katz reinforced her speculative inclination by noting that the Taliban victory was not referenced, but just the pullout of US troops which could have happened earlier, after the Doha agreement.

Hence, his rumored death was still possible and would be timed in or after January, according Katz.

She further added that intelligence agencies had no substantiable proof that Zawahiri was dead.

The video was released possibly because ISIS, a rival group challenged All Qaeda to prove that their leader was still alive, according to Katz.

Meanwhile, as the anniversary brings back grief and pain, such video as this will only add insult to injury

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