Amrullah Saleh Says: "Taliban are Committing War Crimes"

Amrullah Saleh Says: "Taliban are Committing War Crimes"

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The Taliban claim that they have captured the Panshir valley, and there are also rumors that the vice president of the fallen Afghanistan government has escaped from his hideout in Panshir, but he has debunked all claims, stating that they were fake news and that he was still in Panshir. He made these claims in a recent video recorded on Friday, 3rd of September 2021

However, he acknowledged that the fight was still going on and that they were still holding out against the Taliban. He, however alleged that the Taliban were getting support from Pakistan and their Al- Qaeda allies. He further stated that the Taliban were committing war crimes as they had cut humanitarian access to Panshir 

Meanwhile, the former president has condemned the war, asking both sides to stop while stating that the

chaos was not in the interest of Afghans.

You can see the video here

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