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The war which the US started in Afghanistan two decades ago, saw a sudden pullout. Many think that it was rather, a hasty decision by the Joe Biden administration.

However, in a recent whitehouse address by the president himself, he tried to justify his firm stand that led to the end of the war. Many might see this as a foreign policy failure, others are seizing this opportunity to attack his government,and paint a black picture of the president.

Biden laid his cards on the table. The US for the past two decades spent over $2 trillion, which was about $300 million each day. He claimed that the war was no longer in the vital national service interest of Americans. He refused to start another decade of war and stated that out of 800 thousand service men that were deployed in Afghanistan, 20,744 were injured, while 2461 lives were lost, including the 13 lives that were lost recently due to the bombings by ISIS-K at Kabul airport.

These figures are really compelling. His decision can be justified on the premise that no foreign policy deserves the price of the lives of those 2461 service men that were lost in Afghanistan over the past two decades.

You may or may not agree with him,but all would at least agree that the price that was being paid had to be stopped somehow.