Israel Police Recapture Four Of Six Prison Escapees

Israel Police Recapture Four Of Six Prison Escapees

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The Israeli police say that they have recaptured four of six Palestinian prisoners that breached the security measures at the Gilboa prison some few days ago.

The prisoners dug a hole through the base of where they were confined. The hole linked to a cavity which they accessed and escaped by digging another hole that opened beyond the security fencing.

The prison break was quite a slap on the Israeli security intelligence, but recent reports show that they are salvaging the situation.

There has been a manhunt for the escapees. The efforts are paying off as the first two were caught on Friday in Nazareth, a location just 30km from the Gilboa prison where the breach occurred. The others were apprehended on Saturday in Umm Al-Ghanam, a village that is about 25km from the prison.

As the search for the remaining two continues, the arrest seems to have angered the Palestinian government led by Hamas as a rocket was launched from Gaza into Israel, but according to the military, the aerial assault was intercepted by Israel's iron dome defense system and their were no reports of any damage.

On the rebound, the Israeli military said it had attacked a machine gun post in a military compound in Gaza.

Both Israel and Palestine had reached a ceasefire agreement few months ago after both countries experienced a rain of military assault over what began as a minor disagreement, but degenerated into a war that claimed hundreds of lives. Given the fragile nature of the truce, the least both parties need is provocative situations that could lead to another, however, the ongoing manhunt and arrests seems to be gearing up another misunderstanding, as Abu Obeida, Hamas military spokesperson, promised the prisoners that they would be liberated soon. 

Meanwhile, Omer Barlev, the Israeli public security minister has seized the occasion to thank the Israeli forces for their unbending efforts in the recorded success  so far, he further vowed that the remaining escapees would be nabbed while also extending his gratitude to the Arab citizens of Israel that helped the security forces in their quest to apprehend the convicts.

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