Six Palestinians Escape From Israeli High-Security Prison

 Six Palestinians Escape From Israeli-High Security Prison

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The Israeli High Security prison in Gilboa has been breached by six Palestinian prisoners that were held captive for attacks on Israel.

The escape looks much like what  you would see in the movies. It is believed that they dug a  hole at the base of their prison in Gilboa, which they linked through a cavity to an external opening that they also dug, which opened beyond the perimeter fencing of the prison facility, from where they were able to begin their journey to freedom.

However, their Rambo-style escape did not fool everyone, at least, not the famers who noticed them in the fields and alerted the authorities.

Israeli officials described the incident as a major security and intelligence failure. They also see it as a structural failure because the hole they dug in the base of their prison led to a cavity that was formed during the construction of the facilities

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However, Palestinian militant groups hailed the breach in security as heroic.

Meanwhile, a serious man haunt for them is ongoing, and the possibility of catching them is very unlikely because the Israeli security service believe that they got help from unknown contacts that helped smuggle them in a car.

The escapees included Zakaria Zubeidi, a previous commander of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade, a Palestinian militant group in West Bank city of Benin, and the other five are members of Islamic Jihad.

According to the Israeli media, they were held captive for crimes against the government. Four of them were serving life sentences after being convicted of planning or planning assaults that killed Israeli citizens. The others were held for some other reasons.

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