Six Records Cristiano Ronaldo Can Not Break

Six Records Cristiano Ronaldo Can Not Break.

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There is no gainsaying the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest players of the round leather game. He is all about making and breaking records. He has shattered a lot of records and will still achieve more even as he has joined Manchester United at age 36.

The latest record he humbled was achieved in his last international match against an Irish side led by Stephen Kenny, where he became the highest goal scorer in the men's international football with 111goals, breaking a record held previously by an Iranian forward Ali Daei, who had bagged 109 international.

Even though, Ronaldo is a prolific scorer and a record-breaker, there are still a good number of records that are still very impossible for the star to attempt ending. The following records are out of reach for him because of his nationality, his position on the field,and that Argentine talisman, Lionel Messi. Here are six football records Ronaldo can never break.

The oldest active player to play a professional match

We do not know how many years more Ronaldo has in his career before retirement. He is very fit and looks like he would still be active at 40, but,you would agree with me that he would not break the record of an Israeli player, Isaac Hayik that became the oldest active player on April 5th, 2019 when he kept in goal for Yehuda at 73 years old.

Most career goals scored by a goalkeeper

Still talking about the fits of  goalkeepers, the legend himself, Rogerio Ceni, can beat his chest in confidence and have rest of mind knowing that his records are safe from this record breaking machine-Ronaldo.

Rogerio Ceni kept in goal for Sao Paulo and retired in 2015, and instead of being remembered for the number of clean sheats he kept, he is  rather more famous for scoring 132 goals.

He scored these goals as a goal keeper with 70 of those goals from the penalty spot, 61 from free kicks and one from open play.

Even Ronaldo himself knows that he can't come close, except he is willing to switch positions with David de Gea

The Fastest Hat-trick

We all know that he is  a hat- trick producing machine, having scored 57 hat-tricks so far, we know that more are yet on the way, but it is an unlikely possibility for him to score three goals in 90 seconds as the Scottish footballer , Tommy Ross who died in 2017, did. He netted three goals in 1min 30 seconds against Nairn County on the 28th of November 1964. 

Players like Sadio Mane and Hatter have come close but the record is just difficult to break and still stands for over half of a century.

Most goals for one club

The peaceful rivalry between Ronaldo and Messi in terms epic performances and achievements has metamorphosed into arguments and  questions in the football space with regards to who should be considered the better player. This argument will never end, not in this century, and probably, not even in centuries to come as both players each have records that the other don't have .

Following this line of thought, Messi still holds the record for the most number of goals scored by an individual in a club. Before he left Barcelona for PSG, he scored 672 goals in 778 games. Whereas Ronaldo's record stands at 450 goals in 438 matches for Real Madrid. At this point, it is very logical to believe that even if Messi's record would be surpassed by another player, then, that player is not Ronaldo, because there is no way he can produce that number of goals in the remaining few years of his career.

The longest goal ever in football history

This record is going to be difficult to be shattered by a striker because it has to do with distance. Except Ronaldo changes his playing position,this will remain impossible. On the 19th of  January of 2021, Tom King Scored for Newport County from goal kick against Cheltenham Town. The ball flew like a middle into the net of the opposing team. 

The goal went down in the Guinness book of records as the longest goal ever scored from 105 yards.

The goal record of England

Since he has decided to come back to England, the likes of Rooney, Darius Vassel and so on,  can have peace of mind and full assurance that nothing will happen to their goal records for England. Wayne Rooney for instance, had 53 international goals before he retired and no matter how many more records the legendary Ronaldo is going to break by playing in England's top league, he will never score a goal for the  English national team. Even Harry Kane who is just 14 goals away from surpassing Rooney's will be happy that at least, he has no competition for now.

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