Taliban Calls For The NRF To Lay Down Their Arms As They Surround Panshir

The Taliban Calls For The NRF To Lay Down Their Arms As They Surround Panshir

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The Panshir valley in Afghanistan is the only province that is resisting the rule of the Taliban. This province is defended by a group called the National Resistance Front (NRF)

The NRF is an anti-Taliban military group consisting of members of the former Northern Alliance and  members of other anti-Taliban fighters. The group is now  headed by Ahmad Massoud, the son of the Mujahideen commander, Ahmad Shah Massoud,who was assassinated on Sept. 9, 2001, at the command of the Taliban and al-Qaeda.He was fighting for the fate of Afghanistan,but also for the West. His son now wears that crown of leader against the Taliban fighters. He is also supported by the former vice president of Afghanistan,Amurellah Saleh, who also claims that he lost her sister in the hands of the Taliban. He made an official statement claiming the office of the acting president of Afghanistan, after the President fled for safety at the fall of Kabul. Saleh also fled to his hometown, Panshir where he has been working with Massoud to hold out against the Taliban.

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The Taliban have called for the NRF to give up arms and collaborate with them for a better Afghanistan. In a recent statement from a senior Taliban leader, he claimed that they have  made efforts to negotiate with the leaders of the Northern Alliance or NRF, but all attempts were fruitless.

These negotiation attempt followed after intermittent clashes between both groups were recently reported. The defensive minister of the  fallen Afghanistan said that the Taliban renewed assaults on the Panshir Province, but were defeated. He further asserted that 34 Taliban fighters were killed while 65 were wounded

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The Taliban have debunked these claims and clearly state that they have surrounded the Panshir valley. 

The Panshir Valley has been a strong fortress against invading forces. The geographic terrain of the valley provides many hideouts for offensive assaults,hence making the valley an attacker's nightmare. The Panshir province has never fallen to invading forces even during the Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan, because of the geographic landscape of the valley coupled with the unbending efforts of the Ahmad Massoud's, NRF and other allied freedom fighters in Panshir

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However, with an upgraded Taliban that now have in their possession, the armoury and arsenal of the fallen Afghanistan government, and jettisoned American weapons, only time can tell how long the NRF can hold out before they are conquered.

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