The Taliban Has Killed Amrullah Saleh's Brother

 The Taliban Has Killed Amrullah Saleh's Brother

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Afghanistan is on the boil and the Panshir valley is heavy with grief as latest reports claim that the brother of the former vice president, Amrullah Salah has been killed by the Taliban.

There are different narratives with regards to his death, but all reports making the rounds claim that he has been assassinated, and this was corroborated in a statement his cousin made on Friday, that he was killed in the Northeastern province of Panshir.

Ebadullah Saleh said in a message to the Reuters news agency that his  uncle, Rohullah Azizi, the elder brother of Amrullah Saleh was executed by the Taliban yesterday and that they were denied access to his remains while adding that they kept saying that his body should rot.

Eventhough he further stated that he did not know where he was driving to, other reports claim that he was fleeing the Panshir province and got detained before execution by the Taliban.

Meanwhile, Amrullah Saleh has not broken the silence on this development. He had claimed earlier in a video that he was still in Panshir against rumours that he had fled to Turkey. He futher added that the battle of the Resistance Front; NRF, was still going on, but since the claimed fall of the valley by the Taliban, his whereabouts remain elusive.

After the fall of Kabul, he ran to his home town to join forces with the son of the legendary Ahmad Sha Massoud to oppose the Taliban while declaring himself the acting president of Afghanistan, after the president took to his heels for safety beyond the borders of the country.

This execution has added insult to injury. He had lost his sister in the hands of the Talibans years ago, and this could possibly spur him on instead of discouraging him to give up the struggle.

 As events are unfolding, more problems are also cropping up and it seems only time knows when peace would return to Afghanistan.

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