The Taliban Says; "Women Might Not Be Allowed In Senior Positions Of Governance".

 The Taliban Says; "Women Might Not Be Allowed In Senior Positions Of Governance".

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The world is seriously watching Afghanistan with regards to what might possibly be the outcome of the abrupt seizure of power by the Taliban. They are now at the hem of affairs, but are yet to bring the world up to speed on who the key players of their government would be. They are yet to announce the political figures that would man the various positions of their government, and every minute delayed, deals a more crippling blow to their already nosediving economy

However, in a recent interview of the deputy head of the Taliban political office, Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai with the BBC, he made it clear that women might not be allowed in key positions of governance like the cabinet. He further stated that women might be allowed to continue their jobs in lower positions.

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Against this unfolding backdrop of gender inequality in governance, the country's economy is on the brink of collapse as their currency is falling and the prices of goods and services are soaring. Public services are barely able to function and yet, the new government has not been announced.

The challenges in the hands of  the new guys in power are far more than the rigours they went through in overthrowing the previous government. As the economic concerns of the people keep growing amidst this transition and power chaos, one can only imagine what the future holds for Afghans.

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