Usyk beats Anthony Joshua


Usyk beats Anthony Joshua: The Ukrainian underdog floored opponent by unanimous decision

Anthony Joshua has experienced another shocking defeat in the heavyweight division. His first loss was in the hands of Andy Ruiz Jr at the Madison Square Garden, where he was completely ripped off his  IBF, WBO, and WBA world heavyweight titles.

But, this time, he faced the Ukrainian boxer, Oleksandr Usyk, who just started breaking new grounds in the heavyweight division. Usyk emerged winner by unanimous decision as the new unified heavyweight world champion

The Ukrainian produced an unexpected performance that outclassed Anthony Joshua's game plan. He was faster and had an excellent footwork that opened up good angles which helped him land unexpected blows, that gradually scored up beyond his opponent's in the Judges scorecards.

He was the better boxer. He is famous for clinching victories in people's backyards, and that was exactly what he did in front of 65,000 fans  inside the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. 

From the first round of the game, Joshua appeared focused and ready for business. It appeared as though he wanted to figure Usyk out before going for the kill, but his game plan was frustrated by Usyk's quick footwork, head movement and sharp flexes.

In the early rounds, Joshua sent some warning shots to a fast opponent who was spinning off and catching most of the blows with his gloves.

A few good blows from Joshua succeed in calming Usyk down mid way through the rounds and he was able to dominate just for a while, but the Ukrainian was hell bent on turning the tables, he kept scoring good jabs and blows while Anthony was simply looking for an opportunity for a knockout 

However, that moment never came and before he knew what was happening, he was already in the 12th round with Usyk leading on the score cards. His last chance to salvage the situation was to produce a knockout, unfortunately, he was up against a fighter who was hungry for recognition in the upper echelon of heavyweight boxing. Usyk became fired up towards the last 30 seconds of the last round and nearly knocked him out as he leaned against the ropes defenselessly and completely zapped.

Joshua was floored by a boxer who was not expected by all and sundry. The Judges scorecards attest to this; - 117-112, 116-112, 115-113 - The scorecards gave no chance for AJ

In his previous loss, he activated his rematch clause and was able to regain his position as the unified heavyweight world champion, but this time, his legacy as one of the heavyweight greats is in total shambles, because the likelihood of producing a comeback by winning against Usyk in the rematch is very bleak

Before this match, he was supposed to face off against Tyson Fury last summer, but the match was cancelled because Deontay Wilder activated his rematch clause for a Trilogy with Tyson, which is scheduled for next month in Las Vegas.

This loss, simply implies that Tyson against AJ is never going to happen, except he reclaims his titles in the rematch, and even if he does, the hype and expectations from fight fans all around the world will quiet down, after all, AJ is not invincible, having been outclassed twice by underdogs, a fight with an undefeated Tyson will not rouse much interest. 

This was a mistake that should not have happened, but as the saying goes; No one remains a champion forever 

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