We have captured Panshir" says the Taliban

 "We have captured Panshir" says the  Taliban

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A lot is happening behind the scenes in the Panshir valley. The war is raging and casualties have been reported from both sides, but the Taliban claimed recently that they were in control of the Panshir valley. As their custom was, there were celebratory gunfire in Kabul as a sign of victory over their rivals. They did the same when the US pulled out finally from Kabul. This recent celebration was quite compelling to believe their independent claim of victory because of how intense the gunfire was.

However, Ahmad Massoud, the leader of the Northern Resistance Front of Afghanistan has debunked the claims stating that the Panshir   conquest circulating in Pakistani media was a lie. Amrullah Saleh, the former vice president of the fallen government had also corroborated these assertions in a video message were he claimed that the rumors that he fled Panshir was a lie. He also acknowledged that the war was intense and that they were putting up a resistance against their revivals.

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Amidst these developments, reports say that the valley has not fallen to the Taliban, contrary to their claim. However, they have claimed three check posts because of intensified assaults. There are further reports that they have been pushed back from one of the claimed check posts by the resistance forces who are bent on defending rather than give up.

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The Panshir province is divided into seven districts and has 512 villages. As of 2021, the population of Panjshir province stands at about 173,000. So, capturing two or three check posts is a step in their purpose, but they are very far from victory as a check post is not even a district.

The world is watching with no actions to halt the violence in the province. We believe that a lot is really happening that the media is not capturing. There could be gross  violations of human rights and even more casualties on both sides than we know at the moment.

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